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Although the first six letters of “professor” makes it clear, the central duty of a professor is often misunderstood or forgotten. Professors are those with a distinctive point of view which, as experts in the field, are qualified to advocate for, argue, and teach. In other words, a professor is one who professes. In this blog, we openly express our own positions on issues in ethics, religious studies, and philosophy—our areas of expertise.

Jalal Al-e-Ahmad
Posted on December 9, 2023 by Joel Heim0 comments 

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The quote on the meme below is confounding. I have titled this post as Ahmad on travel. But travel seems to be only a means to end for Ahmad. Even more so, what that "end" is remains unclear at a first read as well. This quote is one that requires thought and pondering. What do you think it means?

We cover Jalal Al-e-Ahmad in our Journey Through Religion course.

Born in 1923 in Tehran, Ahmad was a prominent figure in the Iranian literary scene. He received his schooling in Tehran and later went on to study at the University of Tehran. He then pursued his PhD in philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Ahmad was not only a writer but also a thinker and a social critic. His works reflected his deep understanding of Iranian society and his thoughts on modernization and its effects on traditional values. He was a strong advocate for preserving Iranian culture and traditions in the face of Western influence.

Apart from being a writer, Ahmad was also an active participant in political and social movements. He believed in using his platform to bring about positive change in society. He was a true visionary and his ideas are still relevant today.

Ahmad on Travel
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