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​The Constant Teachers

Joel Heim


Nelia Beth

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We are long-time college professors of religion and philosophy. Wherever we have taught, students have consistently found us to be some of the best teachers they have ever encountered. Nevertheless, our academic careers have had more than our share of bumps in the road (see below). As we have reached the end of our academic careers, as constant teachers, we cannot live without teaching. Moreover, we have something to teach that we believe will help people be more fully human. So, we have formed Explore Big Ideas LLC to continue our teaching which is now not limited to the students in a college, but to the public in general.

​Enrich Your Life With Big Ideas

​The various projects and websites of Explore Big Ideas LLC provide you with unique learning experiences that can enrich your life:

  • ​adult-focused education and personal development
  • ​interactive web-based education
  • ​engaging multi-media formats
  • ​freedom to select only the parts of an educational project which you wish to do
  • ​explore what it means to be human and how to act in the world
  • ​learn to think better
  • ​learn to act consistently with your values
  • ​learn to interact amicably and respectfully with those who hold different views
  • ​progress in finding your purpose, understanding your true selves, and living more fully
  • ​prepare to participate in our multi-cultural world
  • ​engage in discussion of ideas with others.

​Master Educators

​We are truly master teachers with a lifetime of educational experience.  We have always been noted for our engaging and innovative teaching styles.  Together they have more than 40 years of college teaching experience at universities in California and Wisconsin. We also have years of other teaching experience in public schools, religious organizations and industry.  We both have Ph.Ds. in social ethics from the University of Southern California and master’s degrees in religion from Union Theological Seminary (associated with Columbia University) in New York City.  Joel has a bachelor's degree in secondary education from the University of Nebraska.  Nelia Beth has her bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Oregon State University.

Joel and Nelia Beth

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Free Will

​Explore Big Ideas

Watch our 5-minute video exploring "free will" to get a better sense of what it means to explore big ideas and what our company can do for you..

Learn Ponder Engage


We teach a cyclical process with three distinct phases: Learning, Pondering, and Engaging. Enter the exploration process at any phase, moving "backward’" or ‘"forward" in the cycle. ​

Nelia Beth & Joel

​Nelia Beth and Joel

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The Origins of ​Explore Big Ideas

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