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Although the first six letters of “professor” makes it clear, the central duty of a professor is often misunderstood or forgotten. Professors are those with a distinctive point of view which, as experts in the field, are qualified to advocate for, argue, and teach. In other words, a professor is one who professes. In this blog, we openly express our own positions on issues in ethics, religious studies, and philosophy—our areas of expertise.

Big Ideas
Posted on November 30, 2023 by Joel Heim0 comments 

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Big ideas are the fuel that ignites progress and transforms the world. This short video will get you started in exploring big ideas.

So, what exactly are big ideas? Well, they can come in many forms and can range from scientific theories to social movements to technological advancements. Some big ideas may seem crazy or impossible at first, but they have the potential to disrupt entire industries and change the course of history.

Big ideas are not just limited to the realms of science and technology. They can also be found in art, literature, and philosophy. These ideas challenge the status quo and push us to think outside the box. They inspire us to question our beliefs and challenge our perceptions of the world.

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