Ponder More

​​To ponder an idea is to think about it carefully and from multiple perspectives. When you ponder about a big idea you consider its infinite possibilities. The questions that drive pondering draw upon your ability to imagine and see alternative realities and perspectives.  Pondering questions are questions of wonder and curiosity and include questions that begin:

  • ​​What if . . . ?
  • How about. . . ?
  • Is it connected to. . . ?
  • Is it really any different than……?
  • Why didn’t. . . ?

​​Pondering can be either individual or communal.  In its individual form, pondering is (self-)reflection.  Reflection begins by taking ideas and information learned from others and thoughtfully pondering its possibilities in one’s own mind.  Individual pondering can be done in silent reflection, through journal writing, or other forms of self-reflection.  

In its communal form, pondering is most often a discussion in which ideas are exchanged in a conversation that honors the perspectives and insights of all present.  Whether through discussion or self-reflection, pondering leads to the same thing:  greater insight and understanding of oneself, others, and the idea itself.  


People can use other solo activities for ponder time

​​Our website College Religion and Philosophy and blog You Should Be A Liberal provide numerous opportunities to ponder.  The courses on College Religion and Philosophy offer questions crafted to help you think about ideas from multiple perspectives and consider their infinite possibilities. Our thought- provoking opinion pieces on You Should Be A Liberal, meanwhile, offer unusual perspectives on major social and political issues that we hope will lead to further reflection and discussions.  

​​Exploring ideas that matter is a cyclical process with three distinct phases: Learning, Pondering, and Engaging. Enter the exploration process at any phase, moving ‘backward’ or ‘forward’ in the cycle.  After pondering an idea, consider learning more about the idea or engaging it by acting upon it.

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