Nelia Beth Scovill

After graduating from high school in ​northern Virginia and attending George Mason University, Nelia Beth​ transferred to Oregon State University to begin a degree in Technical Journalism. In the summer before her senior year, she decided to turn her minor in religious studies to her major and to pursue a career as a college professor teaching religious studies.  

Nelia Beth Scovill

​During her first year at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, she was confronted with the reality of injustice and that it was a privelege to be an ivory tower professor.  A long standing interest and desire in creating just and fair society made her realize that she could not just live her life/pursue her career for personal happiness.  Had to find a way to use her love of writing, learning, and teaching to fight injustice and build a more just society.  After her internship year working in an Austin, Texas Central American Refugee Shelter and helping to found the Political Asylum Project of Austin, Nelia Beth came to realize that she could combine her love of writing, learning, and teaching to bring more justice into the world.  She started a quest to find out how to combine this.  Her dissertation, titled ......., explored .....​

​During her doctoral program in Religion and Social Ethics at ​the University of Southern California​ she did two things she had once vowed she would never do:  specialize in bioethics and become an ordained minister.  ​serving churches, 

Nelia Beth has taught in a variety of settings--including four-year private colleges, technical colleges, and graduate education programs.  Developed an innovative first-year seminar program at Marian University.  Since leaving g higher education in ???, Nelia Beth has worked in healthcare information technology.

To learn more about ​Nelia Beth, ​her complete curriculum vitae is available here.

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